Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Vic Sinclair promoted to CEO of John Lawrie Group

John Lawrie Group Managing Director Vic Sinclair has been promoted to the role of Group CEO.

It follows the decision by former CEO Brian Meldrum to cut back on his role of heading up the firm’s metals division however, he will continue to be involved in the selling of scrap and will maintain all of his supplier and customer relations. He will also continue in the position of Group Chairman.

Vic Sinclair profile picture

Vic Sinclair has been based at the company’s Houston offices for the past 8 years where he has focussed on the supply and purchase of tubulars for the drilling and construction industries worldwide. He has now extended his remit to head up both the metals and tubulars divisions. 

It’s expected that Mr Sinclair will spend more time in the UK following his promotion. Meanwhile, the day-to-day operations of both divisions will be the responsibility of Operations Director, Dave Weston, and Director of Tubulars, Iain Laing.


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