John Lawrie Group's Field Sales Representative Danny Collie was recently invited to present at a masterclass of procurement professionals organised by Lean Procurement Ltd. in Aberdeen.

Members of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) had gathered to hear about the company's commitment to the Circular Economy and waste reduction. Sustainability is a topic that is becoming increasingly important within the procurement function and the topic of discussion during the evening was supplier selection and award criteria where  important areas buyers can differentiate potential organisations' bids.

According to Lean Procurement - an Aberdeen-based consultancy and training company - businesses that are at least compliant with statutory legislation and environmental standards stand a much better chance avoiding disqualification during the appraisal process. Furthermore, they believe that efficient sustainable practices such as waste reduction and elimination could, at best, be an award differentiator, both from a reduction in total lifecycle costs and environmental risk.

During his presentation, Danny was asked to discuss his experiences of dealing with procurement professionals while also updating the audience about how John Lawrie Group is leading the way in taking significat steps to reduce the company's impact on the environment.

Having recently won a prestigious VIBES Award for the Circular Economy, the Group actively promotes the efficient use of resources which can enhance the competitiveness of businesses, improve environmental performance and support the wider goals of sustainable development.