The most advanced NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) scale descaling and decontamination facility in the UK has been unveiled in Aberdeen.

NORM Solutions Ltd is a multi-million pound joint venture between international metal reprocessing, steel trading and decom specialist John Lawrie Group, and ASCO, a leading supply base operator to the global oil and gas industry. and .

The new facility, which is authorised by SEPA, offers the best available, one-stop solution for North Sea oil and gas operators requiring treatment and disposal of low level radioactive scale material and contaminated sands/sludges.

The facility has been designed and engineered to receive, store and de-scale contaminated equipment on one fully enclosed secure site close to Northeast Ports. Following the descaling process, the decontaminated items can either be returned for reuse, or scrapped and recycled.

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting equipment has been installed to decontaminate and descale tubulars and equipment in an automated, controlled and closed environment, which significantly reduces the need for man entry. There are no emissions to either air or water.

Waste water is collected, filtered and recycled on a continuous basis, with the removed NORM scale being treated and encapsulated for safe disposal at authorised and engineered facilities.

The site, situated in East Tullos Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, also has substantial storage capacity and can receive large parcels of contaminated equipment from either ongoing offshore operational activity and workovers, or decommissioning projects.

With the capability to operate extended hours, the facility is geared up to meet the needs of existing customers but also has the capacity to ramp up processing to cope with peaks and troughs in industry demand.

The new venture is further evidence of John Lawrie’s and Enviroco’s ongoing commitment to extending their relevant expertise to the oil and gas industry in providing fully integrated and sustainable total waste management services.

For further information or to arrange a site visit, please contact Ray Grant on 01224 871844, email or go to