As the leading representative body of the UK offshore oil and gas industry, OGUK has played, and continues to play a vital role in providing a gateway to industry expertise and discussion. Having worked in partnership with the energy sector for over 40 years, the wealth of experience the OGUK team possesses means they are supporting the industry to keep ahead of trends through its detailed approach to big data and industry insight. And we want to be a part of that.

With a current focus on decommissioning, repurposing existing materials and recycling industry related metals, it seemed an unmissable opportunity to be able to work together with such a unique body. Our expertise in handling waste metal materials provides the perfect solution for many operators in the North Sea and beyond. Our connections with the Scottish Aquaculture industry and UK Infrastructure and Construction, as well as our bases in the United States, give John Lawrie an established network of reusability on which to deliver effective waste management solutions for our clients.

As one of the world’s largest purchasers of new and used oil and gas tubulars, we support operators in meeting net zero and sustainability goals. Our emphasis on returning used but reliable materials to use through our circular economy approach coincides with OGUK’s progressive “Roadmap 2035” campaign, which is focused on helping to deliver net-zero.

Group Marketing Manager, Claire Sim said: “Our relationship with OGUK is not only important to us because of the connections they offer to established operators across the sector, but because of the tireless work they put into pushing the established boundaries of the oil and gas industry. Our services complement those of many of OGUK’s established members and this relationship gives us a unique forum to share our passionate support for decommissioning, metal recycling and accelerating the drive towards meeting net-zero targets.”

John Lawrie has the knowledge and experience to support the UK in becoming the world’s first net zero carbon offshore oil and gas sector. And beyond that, there are other industries that can benefit from the expertise of this sector too.

Some may see oil and gas as part of the problem, but we see it as part of the solution. So, let’s get to work.