Youngsters at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital will have access to five newly refurbished rooms after John Lawrie Group decided to sponsor a huge upgrade.

Following a tour of the hospital this spring, John Lawrie Group directors decided that improving just one room would not be enough and the company has now given the charity £25,000 to fully renovate five rooms in the hospital’s paediatric assessment unit (PAU) where children who have attended A&E are kept under observation for 24 hours.

John Lawrie Group’s financial director, Charlie Parker, says: “We were sitting in a board meeting a few months ago and were considering making a contribution to some local charities. One of the directors had read about the ‘High 10 for ARCHIE Appeal’ in the newspaper and suggested it to the rest of us.

“We thought it was a great idea because ARCHIE is a charity pretty close to everyone’s hearts. If you have children, you may well end up at the Children’s Hospital at some point so it just felt appropriate.

“We had a tour around the hospital and the first thing we came to was the paediatric assessment unit. It just so happened that the cost of the five rooms at £5,000 each came to the sum of money we were looking to donate - £25,000.”

John Lawrie Group has chosen to support ARCHIE with £25,000 donation (image courtesy of Colin Rennie, The Press & Journal)

Cassie Thompson, ARCHIE director of fundraising, says: “It was totally unexpected and a wonderful surprise. We showed them the rooms in the paediatric assessment unit as an example of what the refurbishment entailed. Within a matter of days, they rang us and offered this wonderful support for all five rooms in PAU so that we could definitely complete their refurbishment this year.

“It will make such a difference to be able to show prospective donors the completed rooms. This kind gesture will help speed up fundraising for all other children’s rooms in the hospital and all the children and their families will benefit. We are hugely grateful.”

John Lawrie Group was pleased to welcome one of the ARCHIE Foundation’s special ambassadors, 12-year-old Penny Winton to the group’s headquarters along with ARCHIE’s director of communications, Kevin McCormick.