John Lawrie Group is proud to be a main sponsor of this year's hard-hitting road safety show for senior school pupils on the brink of learning to drive.

More than 5,000 teenagers from across the north and north-east are expected to attend the live show which is aimed at reducing the number of young people injured and killed on the region’s roads.

The show features members of the emergency services who regularly deal with road collisions, and local people who will talk about the impact of accidents on their lives.

John Lawrie Group finance director Charlie Parker was delighted to attend the media launch of this year's Safe Drive Stay Alive campaign in Aberdeen.

He said: “Safe Drive Stay Alive is an excellent example of educating our young people about keeping safe on our roads and the John Lawrie Group is proud to support it.

“Safe Drive Stay Alive is targeted at pupils of S5 age to make sure that when they get behind the wheel for the first time, they are aware of the responsibility they are taking on and the issues which could affect their safety and that of their passengers.

“The campaign delivers really thought-provoking messages to young drivers by demonstrating in realistic terms the potentially lethal consequences if they don’t understand and accept their responsibilities when getting behind the wheel of a car.”