September has been another busy month at John Lawrie Group’s Montrose base where around 10,000 tonnes of steel casing and tubing has been arriving and departing from the town’s harbour for a range of worldwide locations.

One such arrival was a large cargo vessel which brought 1,500 tonnes of new, unused, certified casing and tubing from north-east Spain. John Lawrie Group purchased the cargo from a major global energy company who no longer had a requirement for the products.

Following a successful tendering process, John Lawrie Group was able to acquire the pipe and then undertake its transportation to Montrose where it was unloaded and stored for use in the UK and European piling markets, and also worldwide OCTG markets.

As one of the world’s largest buyers of casing and tubing, John Lawrie Group has the logistic capability to uplift material from most locations globally. Most recently, the company has bought pipe from countries across Africa, North America and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, heading away from Montrose bound for the USA was a large shipment of more than 2,000 tonnes of steel casing. This vessel was chartered by John Lawrie Group to transport its cargo to the company’s US-based operations, John Lawrie Inc., in North America where it will be stored at the quayside before being sold to the construction industry throughout the States for pipe piling.

There’s a strong demand in the USA for the high-quality grade casing which John Lawrie Group purchases from the North Sea oil and gas industry for recycling and reuse. This type of pipe is kept in stock at the company’s UK-based pipe storage facilities and can then be shipped out on chartered cargo vessels to John Lawrie’s storage facilities in North America.

Reuse and recycling is a viable alternative to scrapping, and it's an option that has a positive effect on a client’s environmental credentials. The goal is to provide a problem-free solution for the removal, storage and the ultimate recycling or resale of casing and tubing. John Lawrie Group has established processing facilities in Montrose – and also in Aberdeen and Evanton, near Invergordon – where scrap metal is sorted and sheared for recycling into new steel products.

Iain Laing, director of John Lawrie Group’s Tubular Division, says: “We provide all the technical and logistical support to ensure a straightforward and uncomplicated transaction for our clients. John Lawrie Group can pick pipe up from our client’s location and we can also undertake shipping across the globe at no cost or inconvenience to the operators or owners.

“With operational hubs in the UK, the USA and Europe, we have access to major shipping ports throughout the world and are well placed to meet the requirements for both sellers and buyers of pipe.”

All of John Lawrie Metals Scottish recycling facilities are fully licensed and regulated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). All activities comply fully with strict operating procedures, particularly in relation to health, safety and environmental protection.