This week looks set to be another busy one at the John Lawrie Group facility in Montrose.

It began with the loading of the MV Sara at the Angus town's harbour which is now bound for the USA with its cargo.

As one of the world’s largest buyers of casing and tubing, John Lawrie Group has the logistic capability to uplift material from most locations globally and can provide orders for piling from an extensive stock. Most recently, the company has bought pipe from countries across Africa, North America and the Middle East.

There’s a strong demand in the USA for the high-quality grade casing which John Lawrie Group purchases from the North Sea oil and gas industry for recycling and reuse. This type of pipe is kept in stock at the company’s UK-based pipe storage facilities and can then be shipped out on chartered cargo vessels to John Lawrie’s storage facilities in North America.

All of John Lawrie Metals Scottish recycling facilities are fully licensed and regulated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). All activities comply fully with strict operating procedures, particularly in relation to health, safety and environmental protection