Recycling Graphic

A significant investment in equipment to improve waste separation and metals recovery at John Lawrie Group’s Montrose facility is already proving to have financial and environmental benefits.

The Scottish metal reprocessor and steel trading company recently invested £500,000 in the installation of a STEINERT FinesMaster fine metals recycling system. The technically advanced equipment extracts fine iron and fine-grain non-ferrous metals for recycling. These materials were previously mixed with other non-metallic residues during the shredding process and were sent to landfill as there was no alternative.

“We are very pleased with the early performance of the FinesMaster sytem,” said Dave Weston, operations director, John Lawrie Group. “In its first few months of operation, the new equipment has allowed us to increase the amount of metal we recycle, reduce landfill costs and generate additional revenue.

Recycling System

“Investment in the latest systems is part of John Lawrie Group’s commitment to continuous improvement. It underlines the importance we place on the recovery of valuable resources for recycling and the drive towards sending zero waste to landfill.”

Established in Aberdeen in the 1930’s, John Lawrie Group is now one of the UK’s foremost scrap metal reprocessors and steel trading companies. The company provides a diverse range of industrial services and employs over 100 people across operations in the UK, America and Europe.