Dave Weston, Managing Director of Aberdeen-headquartered John Lawrie Metals was voted in this month as a member of the board for the British Metals Recycling Association.
At the beginning of July, the BMRA elected their newest members of the board for a 3-year term. The inclusion of North-East based John Lawrie Group embodies their continued dedication to the Circular Economy and to supporting the continued growth of the metal recycling and reuse industry.

As previous winners of the VIBES 2017 Award for Circular Economy, John Lawrie Group are ideally suited to present some of the most progressive repurposing projects across the industry. The BMRA promotes and represents industry views, helps mould the future of recycling in the UK, and is crucial in the representation of UK businesses both at home and abroad.

As a member of the board Mr Weston will be able to influence the development of UK wide policy and support the needs of a growing industry. The appointment compliments his current role as Managing Director and his responsibility for the metals and decommissioning side of the business.

Managing Director Dave Weston said: “With 35 years experience in the Metal Recycling industry and working with Oil and Gas Operators I felt that I could share some of that experience with the board to help deal with strategic and legislation changes. The new position will compliment my current role, especially as it continues to be increasingly important to raise awareness of John Lawrie within the industry.”

Their attendance of Offshore Europe 2019 will be focused on the conversation around the Circular Economy and will highlight their contribution of 22,000 metres of offshore pipe to the construction of The Events Complex Aberdeen (TECA) itself. The reuse of offshore pipe as pilings for the UK construction industry is a perfect example of the Circular Economy in action.

Established in Aberdeen as a metal merchant, John Lawrie Group offers a diverse range of industrial services across its metals, tubulars and decom divisions. The firm specialises in metal recycling and reprocessing, the supply of new and used steel tubulars, and the provision of industrial and oilfield decommissioning services. John Lawrie Group employs a 70-strong workforce across operations in the UK, USA and Europe.

For more information about John Lawrie Group or the Circular Economy, visit www.johnlawrie.com or telephone 01224 871844.