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Repurposing oil and gas equipment for a new life in the aquaculture industry.

Aquaculture is an increasingly important industry for Scotland, helping to sustain economic growth in the rural and coastal communities of the north and west. Involving the farming or culturing of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and seaweed, aquaculture produces the country’s most valuable food export.

Due to the size and importance of the aquaculture industry in Scotland, there is a requirement to maintain the quality and durability of fish pens, ensuring they are weighted correctly for optimal production.

We saw an opportunity to repurpose mooring wires we were collecting from the offshore oil and gas industry, which are difficult and use a lot of heat energy to cut up and process for recycling, as weights for fish pens. Circular or rectangular in shape, fish pens are designed to be buoyant structures for floating on the water’s surface, net is connected to this structure and an anchor to sustain the cage in the sea. Our repurposed wire rope from the offshore oil and gas industry offers the perfect solution and in the process prevents the generation of new material when used is just as good.

New and used anchor chain
New and used shackles/kenters
Used wire ropes