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Circular Economy

Repurposing Redundant Metals

We’ve been repurposing and recycling waste and scrap metal since the company’s inception back in the 1930s. Finding new ways to use this material creates a circular economy whereby existing products or materials are kept in use for longer and therefore protecting the earth’s natural resources. We’ve found new uses for items such as link chain and wire rope which have been used by the aquaculture industry as weights and ballasts for fish pens or weights for pipeline bundles. We’ve also found a way to repurpose concrete mattresses lifted from the seabed as hard standing for agricultural buildings. The added bonus for repurposing the material we receive where we can is that for every tonne of metal reused there is a saving of up to 0.96 tonnes of CO2 which goes a long way to supporting net zero and sustainability goals.

Where we can’t reuse or repurpose material we ensure nothing goes to waste by dealing direct with European steel mills who smelt the material down ready to be made into new products, once again preserving the Earth’s resource by not mining for new ore.

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