Flexible Risers & Flowlines

Cutting, processing and recycling of flexible flowlines.

High recovery and recycling rates up to 100%.

John Lawrie Decom has successfully developed processing methods resulting in high recovery and recycling rates of both the metallic and non-­metallic content of flexible risers and flowlines, in a number of cases up to 100%.

The recycling process involves separating the various metallic and non-­metallic layers of the flexible risers and flowlines. Layers are systematically removed and the various separated materials stockpiled. The separated metal content is processed onsite to European steel mill feedstock standard and shipped as a ‘green waste’ directly to approved steel mills in Europe for recycling into new steel products.

The recovered plastics are transferred to an authorised recycling contractor for further treatment before finally being processed into new products.

On occasions, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) scale can be present in the flowlines which requires to be removed under strict environmental requirements prior to them being processed for recycling as described above.

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