500TE Offshore Module

Decommissioning Case Study

Recycling Rate:
Port of Dundee, Tayside
Decommissioning offshore module
Project Summary

We were contracted by Transocean to decommission a large offshore module that weighed approximately 500 tonnes. The structure was landed at the Port of Dundee and reduced in size at the port under the direct management of John Lawrie Group, utilising the expertise of our highly-skilled workforce.

Full HSEQ documentation, with site-specific method statements and risk assessments was prepared by
our HSEQ team and approved by Transocean and Port Authority in advance of work commencing.

Due to the compact site, the substantial structure was dismantled manually using gas torches with sections craned to the quayside and cut into transportable lengths. All materials were then transported to our licensed treatment facility in Aberdeen for full processing to ESSS standard, before being exported to European steel mills for recycling into new steel products, delivering significant environmental benefits.

Deconstruction and processing of the module took seven days to complete and involved two cranes and one material handler. Overall, 100% of materials were recycled.

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We are the largest metal recycler and exporter of processed metal in North and North-East Scotland and an experienced member of the decommissioning supply chain. With current strategically located licensed facilities in Aberdeen, Shetland, Evanton and Montrose, and the addition of our new quayside facility in Dundee opening in 2020 bringing our combined annual licensed tonnage to 360,000 tonnes, we are your decommissioning partner of choice.